Sir Winston welcomes guests for years now and that’s how he knows exactly what consumers want and what are their needs. He knows their needs and wants change upon hours of the day and each person differs from the other one. For him there is no ‘some important people’! Each person, each guest at Sir Winston is important and deserves the best quality service. That’s why we are here to serve you and create alternatives for your needs! We are the alternative for you!

Sir Winston House is your alternative for delightful meals, long conversations from the start of the day till dinner time. Here you will find traditional tastes as well as delicious courses from world cuisine. We look forward to hosting you at Sir Winston House for a fine diner, quality time and good music. Sir Winston House is a restaurant created to serve you throughout the day, where Wins wants you to feel at home. In the meantime you can dive into dreams under the influence of eclectic architectural design, pass long hours in House’s comfortable seats.

House menu is distinguished and very differentiated as it welcomes you from the breakfast till the dinner time accomponied with the music performances The extensive alcoholic beverage menu with different cocktails will make sure your time at House is perfect at any time...

Here we aim not only to make you have a good time but also presenting the world cuisine adapted for our unique taste. You should visit Sir Winston Cafe to enjoy these delightful tastes and escape from your daily routine and create an alternative for yourself.

Sir Winston Cafe, welcomes you with its minimalistic design and calming athmosphere. As for its tastes, from world famous ‘Melting Cheeseburger’ to to fit tastes and traditional meals, Sir Winston brings the non alcoholic beverages together with along these tastes and creates magical alternatives.

Anytime during week, at any hour you’ld like with your family or friends, Sir Winston Cafe is here as the best alternative to reach for. You would only read your magazine and have your coffee or chit chat with a friend over a dinner. We are here to make you happy and be an alternative!

What about grabbing a smoothie and get on the way?

Sir Winston Express is created the be the brand of joyful moments and little happiness’ and slow down the moment in the city rush. Here you can slow down the time with a cup of coffee or make your day even more beautiful with small snacks.

Life is getting more and more faster each day and is it getting harder for you to keep up with it? Are you looking for small indulgences in the city rush? That’s what we are offering you at Sir Winston Express. With the young and energetic characteristic of Express, it won’t be hard for you to keep up with this life and Wins will be waiting for you whenever you need to take a break!

What alternatives do we have at Sir Winston Express menu for you? Third wave coffee alternatives to cheer you up in the morning, snacking alternatives, soft drinks for a quick get away during the day or a stop by and have a drink during rush hours will give you joy.

Sir Winston Pub, günümüz trendlerinden biri olan Gastro Pub konsepti ile hayata geçmiştir.

Yemek deneyiminin daha üst seviye çekildiği, rahat ortamlar sunan ve pub mantığında çalışır. Gastro pub konsepti, mekanlardan yeni beklentileri olan tüketiciye, geleneksel İngiliz pub tarzından ayrışan bir deneyim yaşatmayı amaçlar. Genellikle bu tarz içerinde sunulan içecekler, butik biralar (craft beer), butik kokteyller, butik şarap üreticilerinin ürettiği şaraplardan oluşur.

Ev yapımı soslar, gurme burgerler, ev yapımı makarnalar gibi farklı deneyimler yaşatan menüler vardır. İçecekler ise SW bünyesinde özel olarak hazırlanmış, farklı tariflerden geçen ve geleneksel modern alkollerden oluşur. Kısacası şehirde hem yiyip, hem içerek keyif alabileceğiniz yeni bir Pub alternatifi var!