To meet our expectations that we long for but know that they never will be, we are here to make the unexpected happen on a Sunday breakfast, on a romantic dinner on your first date or for a cold drink after work!

For the unexpected love, unexpected taste, unexpected service, unexpected comfort, unexpected laughter and most important of them all, unexpected happiness we always say

Even the most unexpected things in life can always be achieved with saying ‘’Yes’’! With this perspective Sir Winston opened his doors to his guests in Izmir years ago. Sir Winston became a part of our family on January 15, 2015.

Same tastes, same decorations, same music! We renewed ourselves as Sir Winston family, to be a different alternative in the city. Sir Winston is on the way to become the best alternative in town with world cuisine tastes, innovative decorations and constant-renewing structure! If you are bored with the routineness of the city, there is a new alternative for you!

Sir Winston continues with various concepts to meet with consumers in every aspect of life. It moves forward with three sub-brands, keeping in mind all the variables in the differentiation of both consumers approaches and investor demands. Sir Winston House, Sir Winston Cafe, Sir Winston Express and Sir Winston Pub proceed with the goal of adding value to the sector with their pioneering and innovative visions in their course with successful routes.